5 Reasons Why Switching to LEDs is a Brilliant Idea

LED lighting is getting more and more popular. Endless LED products are flooding the market and are advertised as the best lighting feature you can get at the moment. The question is, are LEDs really that much better than other lighting products available on the market. The short answer to this question is yes, switching to LEDs is a brilliant idea. Here is why!

switching to led

LEDs Last Longer

The most significant benefit of LED lights is their longevity, especially when compared to halogen lights. LED lights last approximately 20 times longer than their halogen counterparts, so you can forget about constant trips to buy new bulbs and enjoy the light inside your house for longer. The longevity between various LED products might vary, but you can simply visit an online retailer like LED lights UK and compare for yourself.

The Colour Choice is Endless

LED lights can be also used to express your taste and enhance the beauty of your interior design. They come in various colours so that you can express your originality. You can play with the colours as well as with their intensity. The traditional white and yellow bulb can come in both warm and cold tones. 

LEDs Use Less Energy

Switching to LED should also result in some energy savings. A LED light usually uses only 10% of the energy a halogen light would use. A 50W bulb can be replaced with a 5W LED bulb. Even though you have to pay extra for LED light, it will still be worth it because of the energy and money you will save on your electricity bill. LED is simply a less wasteful option that will help you cut energy costs while you use it. 

Better for Environment

LED lights help in two different ways to protect the environment. As already mentioned before, they use a lot less electricity and therefore are more energy-efficient. The second way LED lights are more environmentally-friendly is the fact that LED lights can be recycled. They don’t contain any mercury particles that are present in a traditional bulb, which makes them eligible to be safely repurposed.

Instant Lighting

You would be amazed at how many people still use “ancient” lighting. Old lighting features have one thing in common: It takes ages for them to reach the much-desired full brightness. You don’t want to enter a room to look for something and just stand there for a hot minute before the bulbs warm up. If you are an owner of old-fashioned, slow lighting, you will be delighted to hear that LED lights as incandescent bulbs provide you with instant brightness whenever you turn them on.  


LED lights are the perfect idea for your home if you wish to have modern and energy-efficient lighting. They look good, are a great investment that will lower your energy bills over time and last long enough for you to stop worrying about running out of bulbs anytime soon. LEDs are popular for a reason, a few to be honest, and you can most definitely link the source of the high demand to them simply being a quality product. If you are thinking about switching to LED lighting, think no more. It is time to do it!